Filling the Panels
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  1. Membership Panels
    The attraction for members is a chance to have a voice in the formation of policy and strategic direction.
    1. Use your membership list to define key segments.
    2. Make a place on your organization's website where members can sign up for a panel.
  2. Customer Panels
    The attraction for customers is to influence the development of products and services from which they could benefit.
    1. Do the same thing you'd do to secure a random sample for a classic market study
    2. Whenever people attend your events, use your services, or purchase your products, there's an opportunity to solicit their membership in a panel.
    3. Review your current marketing or advertising procedures. Instead of soliciting for a purchase, could you use the same mechanism to ask about particpation in a panel?
  3. Use a panel to expand a panel
    1. Ask members to nominate someone similar to themselves (on whatever criteria you want to suggest) who are NOT members.
    2. As someone's service period expires, ask them to suggest someone else whose opinion would be valuable in guiding the organization. Suggest whatever criteria on which you want them to focus.
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